• Monte Mader

Rest, Relax, Recover, Repeat

Updated: May 5, 2018

Ever needed to get away? I mean, REALLY get away? I did. I knew that I did but I didn't realize just how much I needed to until I nearly crawled into my window seat on an overnight flight to Barcelona. After a grueling, frustrating few weeks, I was almost as excited to sleep on the flight as I was to arrive. I got myself situated and then reflected on the fact I was getting out of New York and wouldn't have to go to work for a week. I started crying. Tears of relief and tears of frustration. And I continued to cry until I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was in Barcelona Spain! I can't even put into words how amazing this place is! It has everything- the ocean, history, music, food, wine and a weatlh of interesting people. I didn't have a lot of plans set in stone, after all I was there to relax. But in a few short days I was reminded of some powerful lessons that I had forgotten in the midst of the pace of New York and the never ending work towards pursuing my dreams. I wanted to share three of those lessons.

1. You are greater than the sum of your work.

During an emotional converstaion with a client, I said this to her and as the words came out of my mouth it nearly stopped me in my tracks. Here I was counseling someone about having time for family and fun and I had forgotten to do it myself. When I was in Spain I was still a health professional and a singer/songwriter BUT I was a beach bum, I was a passionate reader, I was a girl who smiles and laughs, I was an adventurer. I became more than my work or my projects. I became more me, because my value is greater than the work I accomplish.

2. Sometimes the BEST reason for something is "just because"

I am a scheduling expert. I block my day off in 30 minute increments to capitalize on every spare second of the day. I want to be able to work full time in music and that is no easy feat. BUT, I forgot how to play. I completely forgot what it meant to do something simply because it was fun. To do something merely for the joy of doing it, not some lofty accomplishment. Oh you have an 8 hour layover in London? Great lets go explore the city! Why? Because WE CAN. Life is meant to be lived.

3. Listen to your body

Spain renewed my heart and soul. I got back in touch with who I know myself to be. I reacquainted myself with the happier version of me and the fire in my spirit. When I got back to New York an interesting thing happened. Within two hours of landing, my chest pain and scalp eczema were back and rashes broke out on both my legs. There was no clearer sign that drastic measures needed to happen in my life. What all that may be I don't know yet, but it has to happen. We all deserve joy and we can strive without suffering.

I can't wait for my next trip, more lessons. I think Italy may be next!


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