• Monte Mader

My Money's on Me

What would life be like if you bet on yourself? If you put as much stock in your own gut and intuition as you did the opinion of others? If there was NO DOUBT in your mind that you would succeed. I struggle with this constantly and its an ever present battle to remind myself that I'm worth the risk, that I'm worthy, and that I can achieve the things I set my mind to.

I am a HUGE fan of the Rocky films. Number 4 is my favorite followed closely by number 1 (how do you beat that love story??). Even though I love the movies so much, the best part is the story

about how they were made in the first place. Sylvester Stallone was an aspiring actor and writer who penned the screenplay for Rocky. He was flat broke to the point he had to sell his dog because he couldn't afford to feed him. He was pitching his film to supervisors and directors who LOVED the screenplay and wanted to buy it for $300,000 (equivalent to about 1 million today). There was a catch though, the directors wanted an established actor, and Sly wanted the role. So he turned the $300,000 down. But eventually, the film got picked up, Sly starred as Rocky and it became on of the most profitable and recognizable movie franchises in history!! (And it's still going with Creed!) One average guy, with a slight speech impediment bet on himself and decided his own fate. He chose not to listen to the people who said he couldn't play the part. By the way, the first thing he did when the film was finally picked up was buy his dog back.

I remind myself of that story a lot when I run down the rabbit hole of "what if I never get my dreams? What if I'm not good enough?". I am in the process of learning some hard lessons about power. The power I have in my own life to change my climate, both internally and externally. I think it's easy to look at our goals like some insurmountable obstacle that looms over us like a giant mountain. Its terrifying, which is why a lot of people don't even try to pursue what they love. The "security" is just easier than facing the mountain that may make us fail.

Maybe the mountain is our personal dreams, maybe its getting out of a bad relationship, maybe its relocating. All scary unknowns. Fear can make us feel powerless. Fear turns our feet into concrete, our freedom into chains, and our possibilities into pipe dreams. What I am learning and trying to put into practice as I make decisions about my upcoming album, my living arrangement and my personal goals is this:

1. You always have power. Your power is in your choice.

2. The unknown is where we grow.

I can't erase the mistakes of the past. It's done. But I can write how the story moves from here. My power over my situation is my choice. I get to choose how I react, what I tolerate and when I walk away. I get to CHOOSE to bet on me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. until I am living the life I was created to live. There is something so powerful in betting on YOU to win. We all have something to offer the world... bet on it.

We can't grow in complacency. Comfort is often the enemy of real success. It's in the unknown we learn how to fall, get up and fly. Whenever I find myself staying stuck in fear I remember how my greatest failures ALWAYS led to my greatest triumphs. I haven't mastered it yet. Self-doubt is a constant struggle. BUT I am getting stronger, I am getting braver. Ever so slowly but surely I am reminding myself that I have limitless power in me. That I am WORTH the risk, every day, every time. And so are you.


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