• Monte Mader

More Than a Good Song

I have been working in fitness for a LONG time. I fell in love with it because of my personal weight loss of 90 pounds which totally transformed my life. Losing weight opened doors for me, changed my confidence and made even everyday tasks so much easier. I got into fitness because I wanted to give that same gift to other people. But like anything that's a "job", it's easy to lose perspective, to start seeing it as a paycheck or to focus on the things that are driving you nuts about it.

I was reminded that what I was doing was so much bigger than fitness with Kayla. She came in trying to lose weight and manage stress in a hectic NYC environment. Like most people she worked long hours, dealt with a stressful commute and was eating and drinking out a lot. We got to work, started her on a new program and monitoring her food intake. Nothing happened. She

worked out harder and more consistently than any other client I had ever worked with. And nothing changed. I started to wrack my brain about what was going on and knew we had to have a sit down. The following session I went through a coached exercise I call the "whys". Its an exercise that forces us to get honest with our motivation for what we are doing. I kept asking and digging and finally... tears started welling up in her eyes and she said, "I want to lose this weight because I have been bulimic for 10 years and I feel like if I could lose it, I could finally beat this. I've never told anyone." I have never had a more powerful moment that what I was doing was SO MUCH MORE than getting fit and losing weight. (UPDATE: I referred her out to get therapy and a specialist to work on those areas and she is doing great.)

Lately I have been reminded of this same truth in my music. Over the rollercoaster of the past few years, I didn't just learn about where my true niche really was (rock music!!!) but I learned so much about myself, my purpose, and why I'm here in the first place. I learned that, at it's core, my mission in life is to help. Help bring joy and healing into other peoples lives, no matter what I am doing. That's what I love about my day job, that's what I'm most excited about with my next EP. I've had a few reality check moments that have made me realize that one of the greatest things I can do in my life is to leave the world just a little bit better than I left it.

There's a lot of things I want "Roots" to be. I want it to celebrate the sounds and music I grew up in. I want to celebrate Wyoming, and growing up in the Wild West. I want to commemorate and honor my Dad. But ultimately, more than anything. I want those songs to bring joy. I want them to bring a moment of light, connection or emotion. I want to always be creating music that uplifts and brings life. Matter of fact, not just music but in general I want to be doing that. I don't want to waste time doing anything else.

And with all great things I start small. I want to spend more of my time giving to others and less thinking about myself or on social media. So I start with small steps and there is one that YOU can join me on! I have been a supporter for an organization called Freedom 424 since I was in college. This organization's entire goal is to continue the fight against human trafficking until there's nothing more to fight. They provide rescue efforts, resources, medical care and protection to people who have been rescued. Usually, they host runs (Run for Their Lives)in various cities to raise money to fund these efforts. But on June 9th, they are hosting a VIRTUAL Run for Their Lives so that the entire world can run. I'm running on Saturday. I hope that you will too. Life is so much bigger than a bad day, a profession, a great song or money. It's about the mark we leave behind.

Click the link to Run For Their Lives:



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