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A story to tell

I recently read Bruce Springsteen's autobiography. I was sitting on a plane heading back to NYC from Nashville as I was nearing the end of the book. In the book, Springsteen goes into depth about his own writing process and how and why he creates each album. I had a big, and somewhat discouraging, realization...

I WAS WRITING THE WRONG ALBUM!!!!!! One of the most compelling ingredients of great work is authenticity. A songwriter reaches into our hearts by penning the truth of their story, an artist paints the images that move them in the moment. Its those feelings that make art reach us, that make art iconic and timeless. I had been working on this idea to write an EP called "Roots" celebrating the west where I grew up, finding your place in the world and building a home of your own. Its a great idea.

A great idea, and an ABSOLUTE LIE! I realized sitting on that tiny airplane seat that I couldn't write that story yet. I didn't feel at home, in many ways I still feel lost. I'm still working towards my dreams, love, finding the life I want, or even feeling like I really belong. How can I write an album about coming home?

So I went back to the songs I had been writing, even some of the ones that I hoped to use for "Roots" and I found the story I needed to tell. I needed to talk about transitions, making mistakes, bad habits, self sabotage and hoping for MORE from life. My own writing told me that I did have a story to tell, it just wasn't the one I thought. I have no title for the new project, but I have a bunch of stories for it. I am excited to share with you my new story!

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